Today, we released a new edition of Voice Provider’s contact center system called CCL.

Below you can find a few examples of new or improved features:

  • When an agent is using CCL there are now options for choosing which phone number that is shown when calling a customer or and end-user. This will come in handy for companies that are trading calls with different customers or customer segments and wants to make sure that different divisions are associated with different phone numbers.
  • CCL is also introducing the feature “private queue”, which makes it possible to place a call in a specific queue for a specific caseworker or agent. You can set up different rules through CCL for the private queues, which then can help to activate features such as callback, overflow and multiple choice menus.
  • With this update, CCL can tell a customer the estimated wait time, which is based on different set criteria. In earlier editions of CCL, customers haven’t been able to hear a time, only their place in line.
  • There is now an improved feature for estimating and for hearing your place in line as a customer. For companies with multiple queues, but that are serviced by the same group of people, there is now the choice of configuring CCL so that the system reads the place in line based on the total number of calls in selected queues.